June 24, 2011

I shouldn’t write because no one reads!

and so my husband tells me, in his nicest possibly way that I have to decide what I want to write about, what the objective of my blog is, and then be COMMITTED to it… and he will support me.

What intimidates me is the whole “professionalism” behind this blogging thing, it’s not worth your while unless you blog with purpose.  The questions I am thinking about now are endless… hopefully they will help me decide if blogging properly is my thing, of I should just be quiet. :D

  • What is my purpose? How does this fit into the purpose of the blog?
  • If I write about this subject, will people read it?
  • If I write about this, will I have enough passion to pursue it?
  • Are people interested in what I’m interested in? – i.e. people, weddings, dramas, bible reading, crafts, home-making?
  • What is my idea of a successful blog? (5 regular readers? heh!)
  • Will I bore people to death?
  • WHY am I bothering to think so much about this?
But I must say, it’s a good thing to stop and think, ponder and pray, and instead of rushing headlong into new exciting and random pursuits, to focus and plan.
June 23, 2011

It’s time to keep moving!

I started blogging a really long time ago, with the simple desire to keep in touch with my friends back home while I was in US. When I returned, the blog started becoming less frequently updated, and more as a means to share personal thoughts with very close friends. And now, somehow, this blog has become a means to communication with just one friend. :) Life is so strange.

But very honestly, now that I’ve gotten married, I do feel a strong sense of wanting a space online again, just to share what I am learning. I feel the urge to start a new blog, but yet can’t bear to leave this space… but I do want a place to record my journey of wedding prep and of starting a new family and home… should I stay here? or move to a new blog? :)

June 14, 2011


is it possible to keep at this without it blowing up? :) I hope so.

How will we get answers otherwise… please tell me what’s on your mind.

May 23, 2011

a chance to go back in time

I’m married… and the wedding day was really incredibly smooth… all thanks to God, truly. For His favour and provision of things I can’t control, like the weather, and for family and friends to take control, so I didn’t have to lift a finger, and it was still perfect. Perfect meaning good, meaning it reminded me of God’s goodness… meaning as I recall my wedding day, I think of the smiles, the quick first prayer “God, please help this day go well!”, and the love…

Man. God is so good.

But for the record, (for you really, I am reading… wishing that there was a better way of talking about things)  if I could go back in time, there is something I would not have done… probably a series of things (if I could figure out what they were). This is the one thing that only the closest friends would know and understand. Regrets I have aplenty, and my hope would be drained by now, if not for the constant reminder to me that love bears no record of wrongs, love is patient, and love perseveres. I can’t turn back time, but I can walk forward boldly and pray that one day,  love would make things right.

February 11, 2011

i spotted something

I happed to pass by Woodwould with my friend Jireh this week… and spotted something, something that a friend (can I still call you that?) wanted.

It’s so strange, so hard to be in a place where I don’t have a chance to give comfort, or to provide hope… and rather find myself in the position of probably inflicting more pain if I tried. Nevertheless, I am praying that love will break through, and that God’s light will turn that mourning into dancing.

January 28, 2011

The last week of Jan 2011

It’s less than 100 days. It’s been a joyride :) SERIOUSLY!

My mum says that she’s surprised I’m really laid-back about the wedding, and that she’s pretty impressed with the way I’ve managed Hozea. Hozea on the other hand thinks I’m a little too anxious and stressed about every detail. HAHAHA! So now you know that to extremists (ultra Gan Chiong and super slack), I’m extreme… so that should make me balanced?  muahahah

Nevertheless, as I’ve come to see things come together, and face disappointments this week, I want to say Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

Can I whine?? PEOPLE ARE NOT AROUND!  Haryl (Hozea’s brother) is in Demark for exchange, Ben will be posted overseas for work, Tian En is on reservist, Yvonne has… an EXAM?!?, and well Clara is overseas studying as well. I’m actually REALLY sad about it. What to do? But I know that God has blessed us with such great friends that call us from China (hello Timo and Cheryl!), agree to help us even when braces may hurt and exams are pending… and I guess it goes to show that God really has blessed me with a great lot of friends, even when not everything works out the way I want or had hoped…

So the planning MONTHS in advance thing doesn’t always work either! Haha. So I’m glad that even though I was anxious, I still did my best to listen to Hozea.

Which brings me to my next point… that we’ve found a place in Serangoon. Do you read that properly? YES! And I’m so so so uber excited! And so so so thankful to God. Thankful also because there was another place we wanted, which we decided to let go, and I took some time to get over that “loss”. And now, even though we are not near Serene and Graham… we are so much nearer to Hozea’s family, Church and my beloved Serangoon-ites (woot!)

I’m so grateful that as January closes in on us, I can see that we’ve made progress, that God is moving so mightily for us, even when I was so confused and disheartened. Glory to God! Who in all things so graciously and powerfully loves us.

January 3, 2011


So 1st Jan, sitting in church and the clock ticks down…. *HAPPY NEW YEAR!* I excitedly turned to Hozea, who gives me a half-hearted smile and a expression-less. Apparently, my fiance doesn’t “usher” in the New Year… it apparently has not much effect on him! After I whined about it officially being the year we get married in, and that he should display more enthusiasm for such a wonderful year,  he has adopted a new nickname … calling me “my dear future wife”. Strangely, to him it’s a patronising way of telling me he think I’m silly… but I really adore being called “dear future wife” muahahaha.So I’m happy.

It’s 115 days to marriage. I’m sure 2011 will be exciting, interesting… and I pray that it will be fruitful, it will be deep, and it will be transformational as well. [and yes. I must be blogging or something more often!]


December 21, 2010

goodbye 2010

I’ve barely blogged this year, so I don’t expect anyone to read this post. Think the only time I really blogged was about getting engaged. I will try to revive this or find another place to put my thoughts…  But for right now, I had a thought, a thought that I don’t want to let go so easy. As I’m hurtling (and I really mean hurtling) towards the end of 2010…. busy writing Christmas letters, buying gifts, writing papers and arranging meetings for work, settling wedding stuff and buying dresses… my 26th birthday has passed without a single reflection on anything i’ve accomplished this year… for which I am truly grateful. For my 26th year has been full of God’s grace and his accomplishment in my life and others… I would say that the best birthday gift I received came from someone who probably didn’t know she gave it to me when she whispered “I just feel strangely happy” (because God made her cry)… :D So I stand in awe of a God who obviously doesn’t see my obstacles and challenges and failed relationships as any reason to ignore me or to love me… but is just waiting to exchange our ashes for beauty, our garments of mourning for praise. Isa 61.


April 30, 2010


A long week… though I never had to stay back super late (like beyond 7pm) in the office this week, I have had the most busy, stressful and tiring week ever preparing for an event. It’s over now, and I can only say Praise God it’s over and seemed to be a “success.” But really, what is success?

This week I feel like an absolute failure… I haven’t done my qt for 2 days. I haven’t thought about ministry, I didn’t msg my DG girls much, I didn’t really help my colleagues, i got stressed and didn’t really show joy too often…. the list goes on. ;/

I could go on, but I’m looking forward to blessed rest. Rest physically for my tired body where insomnia has robbed my sleep. Rest emotionally from the adrenalin that has kept me going non-stop on hectic days. But most importantly, rest spiritually because i’m forgiven and set free… not perfect, but being made in the image of him, I can come humbly to the throne of grace to beg mercy in my time of need. And I so  desperately need.

So I guess I’m a successful failure. :D

April 16, 2010


The full story. I know everyone wants to hear the details, but FB is not my favourite place to publish everything, so here is my little post on how it all happened and pictures!

Late Sunday evening, 11 April, Hozea surprised me at home with flowers, the ring and on one knee!

Actually, I think I wasn’t THAT surprised because he had been dropping “hints” about how he wanted to proposed but I never gave him the chance. I’ve been struggling with being sick (chronic fatigue syndrome?) again recently… what with swollen necks, headaches and sever fatigue, I haven’t been in the mood to do anything adventurous…. so he could find the “right moment” in that way, so he just had to do it!

That works for me. I thought it was really sweet… especially when he asked “Will you be my bean?” I laughed. :) I didn’t cry at all… mostly because it was happy news. Hozea has a knack for “shocks” and “surprises”… So just before proposing, he confessed that he couldn’t get the ring because it was bought by someone else, and asked me if I would go and find another one with him. At that point in time, I was rather shocked and not thrilled in the least, but I calmly and kindly said it’s ok, I understand how busy he was and while I think he should have tried a BIT harder (no kidding!), we can go look for another one. So with my mind prepped with dissapointment like that, the proposal seconds later came as a pleasant surprise (he lied about the ring!) and I was rather pleased to say “okay.. yes! :)” and  let him put the ring on my finger…

We didn’t have much time thereafter to chat as it was late for me, and my energy was like zero-ed out. Yup, but we made up for the lack of dinner and “planning” when we went for dinner this Tuesday and sent the ring for re-sizing (:( no more ring for two weeks!). We made a huge mindmap yesterday of all the various things that we need to settle about wedding and marriage… haha… but no decisions (what’s new?) but I’m happy that we can finally for real make plans that will come true soon!

Everyone who has called me, msged me, fb-ed and hugged me… thanks! I really am grateful I have people to share wonderful news with and celebrate happy moments with… :) But as for floating on cloud nine… erm, not quite lah. I think that will be after I actually get married… I do feel blessed… and strangely richer for the addition of a fiance in my life.

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