a chance to go back in time

I’m married… and the wedding day was really incredibly smooth… all thanks to God, truly. For His favour and provision of things I can’t control, like the weather, and for family and friends to take control, so I didn’t have to lift a finger, and it was still perfect. Perfect meaning good, meaning it reminded me of God’s goodness… meaning as I recall my wedding day, I think of the smiles, the quick first prayer “God, please help this day go well!”, and the love…

Man. God is so good.

But for the record, (for you really, I am reading… wishing that there was a better way of talking about things)  if I could go back in time, there is something I would not have done… probably a series of things (if I could figure out what they were). This is the one thing that only the closest friends would know and understand. Regrets I have aplenty, and my hope would be drained by now, if not for the constant reminder to me that love bears no record of wrongs, love is patient, and love perseveres. I can’t turn back time, but I can walk forward boldly and pray that one day,  love would make things right.

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